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To Staff or Not to Staff

Information Marketing

There are a lot of speakers who feel their success is based on the number of people they employ. In my opinion, this is ridiculous. 

I don’t know what your goals are, but mine are to make as much money as possible with the least amount of hassle and aggravation. 

I can feel a lot of heads nodding as you are reading this right now! 

I know highly successful speakers with large staffs and others that are one person shops. I currently operate without an assistant. In the future, if I do have any help, it will be one assistant. 

If you like the idea of having a big office with a lot of staff, you better read someone else’s book, because I can’t help you. I like the idea of keeping things small and manageable, although it would be nice to have a personal assistant. 

The bottom-line is that you should be much more concerned with what you NET than what you GROSS. 

If you agree with my philosophy on keeping things lean and mean, then let me give you a piece of advice. Don’t hire someone with the same skill sets as yourself. Hire someone with complementary skills sets. 

If you aren’t very organized, look for someone who is, and so forth. 

Before you hire any staff, make sure to define what you want that person to do. There should be no surprises for them or you. Have a very specific list of things you will want them to do. Ask them when you interview them about those specific tasks. 

If you do hire someone, do it on a trial basis originally. Get them to sign a trial employment contract. Talk to a lawyer when you get to this stage, but it will be a great help if any problems arise in the first couple of months. 

I’d also recommend that you check out a site called 

This can help you hire more effectively. 

Working with Your Spouse 

If you are working with your spouse and they are your assistant, GOOD LUCK!  Some people can pull this off without ending up in divorce court, but it takes an unusual combination of individuals. If you have to start that way, then do it. But as soon as you can, try to hire someone else to replace them. It will be better for both your business and your relationship. Trust me, I’ve tried it! 

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