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Top 5 Ways That Speakers Get Their Business

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You need to keep in mind that speakers get their business in five primary ways. This will give you a blueprint for how you should run your marketing efforts. Concentrate your efforts in the order in which they are presented here. Don’t concentrate on number five until you’ve completely exhausted your efforts in the first four. These steps are in this order for a reason. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. You’ll be wasting your time. 

1. Someone Heard the Speaker: Speak anytime/anywhere for free if necessary 

The best and least costly means of marketing yourself as a speaker is to have someone hear you and decide that you’d be perfect to speak for their group. A number of years back, I bumped into a guy on a plane. We got to talking. He told me he was traveling to go to an industry convention. I told him I was going to that particular city to give a speech (to a different convention). 

I invited him to come here me speak. He did. The following year his group used me for a keynote at their convention. At that same event I had another person come up to me after I spoke and request a business card. Later that year I spoke to his organization. 

The lesson? Speak anywhere, anytime, for free if you have to. The more people who see you, the greater the number of requests you will get to speak. Provided that you do a great job! 

2. Referral: Always be good, even if there are 5 people there 

For this to work you have to do a great job EVERY time you speak. Make sure you do a great job regardless of how many people there are in the room. Remember, all you have to do is impress ONE of them each time you speak to keep this system going forever. 

3. Celebrity: People gain celebrity status as the result of writing a book 

You’re going to have to write a book if you’re going to make a lot of money as a speaker. If this sounds scary, don’t worry! I’ve developed a system that will get your book written, printed and have it start getting sold in less than 90 days. Yes, that’s right! In less than 3 months from today you can have a book ready to sell. The book will also become your best piece of promotional material. If you can’t wait to read about this system, go to: 

4. Industry Expert: Gain a reputation in a niche market 

You’re much more apt to get speaking engagements if you’re perceived as an expert in the field. Being a generalist is poor positioning for all but the very well known, celebrity speakers. I encourage you to take your area of expertise and NICHE IT into one or more markets where you have a natural match or interest. 

This will mean that you write articles for their trade publications and speak and/or exhibit at all of their trade shows. 

5. Speaker Promotional Materials: 1 page faxable, tiered brochure, demo video, web 

This is where most speakers spend the bulk of their efforts. Inappropriately, I might add. Notice that this is number five on the list. Concentrate on the first four elements first. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have or create promotional materials, but don’t concentrate your efforts in this area alone. 

These are the top five ways that speakers get their business. You’ll learn more about each of these as you go through this book. Don’t worry, it’s all here. 

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