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3 Steps to Info Marketing Success

Information Marketing

I always talk about the 7 steps to info marketing success.
And that’s the FULL story. But, if you really boil it down to
the ABSOLUTE essentials, it’s just THREE STEPS!

  1. Create an amazing product
  2. Drive Traffic to Your Site
  3. Convert visitors to buyers or opt-iners

If you don’t have a great product, packed with USEABLE
content, you can never win this game.

If you have a great product and know one can find you,
you’re hosed.

If you drive a lot of people to your site and you can’t get
those folks to buy or opt in to your list, the traffic is 100%

Simplify everything. Break it down. Make it simple and
easy to understand. Then do those simple steps and
keep moving. Don’t stop.

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