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7 Quick Tips for Creating How-to Information Products

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Do you want a quick set of tips to creating info products? Well, here it is. The process of creating info products isn’t EASY, but it is SIMPLE. What do I mean by this? The process if relatively straightforward. The problem for most people is implementation. Knowing and doing are two different things!

First, you need to think about in which area or niche should you create products. Should you work in an area where there is very little competition? Possible, but if there is a lot less competition, it means that few people may be interested in your topic. Try and find the middle. That area between what is hugely popular and that which is relatively unknown.

Second, you need to write the copy to sell your product. Writing the copy will give you an understanding of what has to be in the product itself when complete. If you don’t know how to write copy that well, take a look at someone like Sabrina Brick. Consider getting a super fast tweak.

Third, you need to create the product itself. Use the copy you created to put together a detailed outline. After you have the outline, have someone interview you (if it’s an audio product) and go through each of the outline elements.

Fourth, you need to design a website to sell your product. I’ll assume you’ve already reserved a domain name, but if you haven’t go to This is one of my sites, but the prices are extremely reasonable and lot of people who sell info products reserve their domain names at this site.

Fifth, you need to drive traffic to your site. Without traffic to your site, no one will buy anything. If people don’t buy anything at your site, as a backup, try and get them to give you their email address. This should be your fallback position if people don’t buy.

Sixth, get those who visit your site to BUY. That’s what is called conversion. Conversion refers to how many people come to your site and what percentage of those people end up either buying or opting in to your list. Once they opt in, then you have to work on getting people to buy.

Seventh and last, you have to get people to come back after they buy your first product and buy again and again from you. To get this to happen, you have to give them a GREAT product. One that’s worth a LOT more than what they paid for it.

Follow these 7 steps and you’re on your way to creating some GREAT how-to information products!

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