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3. Getting Control of Your Emotions: Setting Your Emotional Thermostat Correctly


No matter what you decide to do in your life you’ll need to be able to control your emotions to be successful.  In my own life, I had some significant anger issues when I was younger. I used to get a lot angrier than I “should” have. I used to get super mad over stupid stuff.

Once again, Dr. Ellis, the guy I spoke about earlier, was instrumental in helping me correct this problem.

No one is perfect. Nor should you try to be. We all get angry. The PROBLEM occurs when our anger (or any other emotion – positive or negative) is out of proportion to the situation at hand.

The best way to explain this is to use the trusty old 1 to 10 scale. When something happens, ask yourself how important something is it . . . REALLY?

Something that is a life or death situation is a 10. Something that is of NO importance would be a 1.

In my case, something would happen that was about a 2 on the 1-10 scale. My response to the incident was often at a 5 or 6 level. Fully 3 or 4 full points higher than what the situation called for.

My emotional thermostat was OUT OF WHACK!

My goal for you is to get your reactions to things more in line with the actual severity or importance of the incident. To get to the point that when something happens that’s a 3 on the scale, that you react at ABOUT a 3 level.

Will this change overnight? Absolutely not. It will take time, effort and energy to make the changes.

I know that in my own case, it DID change. It took a few years to see significant change, but it happened.

Do I still over-react sometimes. OF COURSE! I’m a human being. So are you. So don’t expect to ever get to be perfect. It’s just not possible.

If you want to read more about this concept, I HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy of Albert Ellis’ book: “A New Guide to Rational Living”.

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