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Staying in Shape: Physically, Financially, and Spiritually

When you hear the term “staying in shape” people are usually referring to PHYSICAL fitness. This is certainly one component of being in shape, but it is ONLY one component.

In my view, there are also two other categories where you need to stay in shape: Financial and Spiritual. Don’t worry! I’m not here to give you a lecture about God or what you should believe. But, I will cover the concept of spiritual beliefs a bit later on.

In this piece, I don’t have time to go into incredible detail on any of the topics, but I think each are critically important. Additionally, I  am NOT the definitive expert on any of these topics. I suggest you search out more information on each area for further study.


On the physical side of staying in shape, I think you have multiple components here as well. Diet, exercise, sleep and meditation.

In the category of exercise you have three areas to concern yourself with. Aerobics, strength and flexibility.

You should be doing a few sessions of aerobic exercise every week. Recent research seems to point to the fact that aerobic results can be achieved in a lot shorter times with BURSTS of high energy exercise.

Strength training is a critical component of your physical fitness as well. You don’t have to become a body builder, but doing some sort of regular weight bearing exercise is necessary component of physical health.

Flexibility is an area often ignored. Even by people who do a lot of other kinds of exercise. Don’t be one of them. Whether it’s simple stretching or a more formal Yoga routine, make sure to include flexibility as part of your routine.

It’s no secret that diet is important to staying in good shape physically. The amount of controversy on this topic is enormous. I don’t intend to give you a specific regimen to follow here.

BUT, I do think you need to look into the various different diets out there and with careful consideration, choose one that makes sense to you.

Most people don’t even think of sleep as part of their overall health plan. Bad idea. Your body will tell you how much sleep you should be getting. Listen to it. Don’t cut down sleep in order to get more done. In the long run, it’s a very bad idea and can be physically harmful.

Meditation or prayer is one area that is seldom spoken about in the field of physical health. Whether you’re using the Relaxation Response system or praying to the God of your choice (if you have those beliefs), it is a big help.

It has been for me and I suggest you start if you aren’t already doing so.


If you operate a business, or in just “running your life” I suggest you keep your overhead low. Buying a house that’s bigger than you need or driving a car you really can’t afford will NOT help you achieve success.

Keeping my overhead low has allowed me to do (and NOT do) things that I choose. Other friends of mine drive super fancy cars, I drive a Honda.

The basic bottom line for success in the financial area can be summed up by: LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS!


In the Spiritual area, it’s critically important that you come to some understanding of what happens when you die. I’m not saying how or what you should believe, but coming to terms with this issue is critical to your success.

Once you’ve come to terms with that issue, living life becomes a lot easier.

If you think there is NOTHING that comes after this life, your thinking will be dramatically different than if you DO believe in an afterlife.

And, believing in an afterlife, you’ll want to adjust your thoughts, feelings and behavior in THIS life in order to achieve “success”.

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