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Don’t Give Up! Ever!

Most people quit doing anything fairly quickly. People have a very low tolerance for frustration.

In Seth Godin’s book, “The Dip” he talks about illustrates the importance of sticking with things. Seth discusses how when you first start doing anything you do it pretty poorly. The time from when you first attempt doing something to the point where you do it fairly well he calls THE DIP.

Most people aren’t willing to “endure” the DIP. People want to get things FAST and with little if any work. For most people, this just isn’t going to happen. Every once in a while you’ll find someone who seems to pick up something with little or no effort. But that’s the EXCEPTION and NOT the RULE!

On a coaching session with a client the other day, I asked him this question: What area would you concentrate on if you had $10 million in the bank but still had to work at SOMETHING to get access to it. He answered the question almost instantly. That response helped me to coach him into THAT field.


Unless you LOVE what you’re doing, it’s going to be virtually impossible to stick with it over time. When things get difficult, you’ll want to quit. Not true if you’re pursuing your TRUE passion. Things will get in your way, but you’ll find a way around them.

The biggest problem here is making sure that whatever you’re pursuing is truly YOUR goal. Not your parents or someone else’s.

Let’s say you’ve figured out what you want to do in your life. You’re 1000% sure it’s what YOU want. Now what?

Then do everything you can, with every fiber of your being to get it!

Will there be obstacles that present themselves? Absolutely? Will people call you CRAZY for doing THAT? Sure. But who cares? It’s what YOU want.

What if what you really want doesn’t pay that well? Tough. If it’s what you REALLY want to do with your life, you’ll be a lot happier than making a lot more money doing something you DON’T like!



I hope that this e-book has been helpful to you. If it has, please let me know. If it hasn’t, I’m sorry. I realize I can’t please everyone and if you’re one of them, I’m sorry.

I’m convinced that if you take the ideas in this book and put them to use, they will help you to help you achieve success.

If it gets you just 1% closer as a result, my job has been done!

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