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A Few Great Ideas From Barry Feldman

Information Marketing

He’s a top copywriter and he’s savvy to social media and mobile email marketing, so here are a few great ideas from Barry Feldman to get your info marketing juices flowing today:

“Get an account—At, you’ll find the world’s easiest web page generator. And with a large collection of graphically pleasing templates, they’ve made it so the page you produce has to be elegant. It’s a fill-in-the blank exercise. You create a pile of links that point to your site, blog and social networks. If you don’t have an account by this time tomorrow, you’ll have a hard time convincing me you sincerely want to grow your digital footprint…

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A Few Great Ideas From Barry Feldman

Do picture shows—It’s stunning how many people I talk to that aren’t using SlideShare (or have never heard of it). It’s the quiet giant of content marketing generating 60-million visits per month. With an immense digital library (over 100 million files), sharing features, lead capture options for professional use, and serious search prowess, SlideShare should be home to your slide decks, infographics, videos, and documents. Take it seriously and you’ll see some serious growth in exposure and inbound traffic…

Do eNews—For years, email marketing (managed professionally) has been the best way to build a community and your business. It’s permission-based. Interested prospects are telling you, ‘Yes, send me your stuff.’ Do it.”

Feldman’s post is filled with ideas that could keep you awake and working on social media sharing 24/7, so you have to give consideration to which ideas are likely to work best in your own information marketing business.

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