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A Sense of Urgency Creating Your Info Products

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I’m not sure if you are experiencing a sense of urgency creating your info products, or if you are working on them as a hobby, in your spare time.  If you are building an information marketing business as a BUSINESS and not a hobby, then you undoubtedly feel some pressure. Actually, that’s a good thing.

Seth Godin blogged about urgency and accountability this week, and called them, “the two sides of innovation.” That rings true for me. Here, see what you think:

info marketing product urgency

A Sense of Urgency Creating Your Info Products

“The urgent dynamic is to ask for signoffs and to push forward, relentlessly. The accountable mantra is, “I’ve got this.” You can feel this happening when you’re around it. It’s a special sort of teamwork, a confident desperation… not the desperation of hopelessness, but the desperate effort that comes from being hopeful.

What’s happening at your shop?”

As is his habit, Godin is addressing companies that employ teams, not solo entrepreneurs. But his point is well-taken by us all. Putting off ‘til tomorrow what we can and in fact SHOULD get done today is a symptom of lethargy, not urgency. Lethargy has no place in building an information marketing business. And, I need to add, in continuing to build your business once it’s off the ground.

Urgency and accountability are crucial to success. I like the way Godin says, “…the desperate effort that comes from being hopeful.” That’s good. That’s the good kind of desperation we all need to feel everyday to stay on top.

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