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Any and everyone who sells information products (including myself) is always trying to find new revenue streams. The “problem” is making sure that whatever you do doesn’t damage your reputation, and on the flip side, provides true value to your list and/or customers.

Here is one way I think you can make this happen.

When you are online, keep your eyes open for products and services that will truly help your customers. Earlier today, I was on the phone with a company that helps speakers. It got me thinking. I have a lot of speakers on my list who would benefit from what I discovered.

The first thing that I did was to see if this organization had an affiliate program. They did. I signed up. Before I signed up I did some digging and questioning to make REASONABLY sure that the company was on the “up and up.” You can NEVER be 100% certain, but do your best to figure out if you’re dealing with a crook. There are plenty out there.

The next thing I did was to go reserve a domain name that related to the service that I would promote to my list as an affiliate. All of the domain names that I create for this purpose ALL fall into a STANDARD PATTERN. Please make sure you do something similar for ALL the sites YOU recommend.

All of my affiliate sites that I recommend start with the word COOL and end with the word TOOL. In the case of the speaking site, it is I have another site I recommend for hosting. That one is You see the pattern!

YOU need to do the same. You might decide on NEAT as the first word and SYSTEM as end word. This would make it as your affiliate link for hosting. Whatever you select, make sure the two words are easy to spell and easy to remember. I like the words COOL and TOOL. They go together well and are easy to spell.

I also suggest that you don’t make recommendations that are way outside your field of expertise. If I were to be telling people where to go online to buy organic produce, that wouldn’t make any sense. Why? Because my expertise is in info products and info product marketing, NOT organic farming or vegetables.

You SHOULD be signed up with UltraCheapDomains for your domain name registration. Wherever you reserve your domain names, just make sure you have them all in one place. It makes life INFINITELY easier.

When I discovered this “cool” service for speakers, I immediately signed up as an affiliate, registered and then took my affiliate link and forwarded it to that domain. Within a couple of minutes, anyone who types in or clicks on will go to their site but with my affiliate information attached.

Make sure that you let people know that you are getting paid for the referral. Don’t try and hide it. After all, the customer doesn’t pay anymore by going through your affiiate link, but it is a good idea to let people know. Full disclosure is always the best way to handle these things.

This is one of a number of ways that information marketers can generate additional income. I HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of this SYSTEM. Also, if you reserve MORE than around 50 domains a year, don’t use Use YOU will end up making more money.

And YES, I do get paid for any and every link in this email. I have now FULL disclosed what I’m doing! NEVER just sign up for an affiliate program unless it matches your market and provides them with true value.

Process Orders From Your Website in Just 15 Minutes!

Get a COMPLETE system to help you market your online business

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