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Adwords Tips For Information Marketers

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If you have been using a successful Google Adwords campaign to get clicks and customers, now is the time to consider some big changes at Adwords.  This post is a very short heads-up with Adwords tips for information marketers, although they apply to any campaign.

Lisa Raesler’s concise but detailed post on ClickZ helps new and experienced advertisers understand how to think about changes needed to accommodate smaller digital devices now. It’s a pretty big deal.

She says,” There are so many considerations in a new AdWords campaign, and now it has become even more complicated with the release of the Enhanced Campaigns. It can be easy to forget to plan for some of the new changes, especially where mobile is concerned.”

In other words, advertisers have a lot more choices to make. Some of those choices involve:

info marketing adwords

Adwords Tips For Information Marketers

1) Knowing the difference between a sales goal and a branding goal, and establishing the point and purpose of each ad campaign.

2) Planning your ads for different-sized digital screens, and making a decision whether or not to opt-out of mobile ads altogether. That is a possibility of your product or service cannot be represented well on smart phones.

3) Using the Adwords Traffic Estimator Tool to get a basic idea of your daily advertising costs and your overall ad budget.

4) Understanding the PPC environment in general, and strategizing your product and service offerings, your branding and your promotions before launching your information marketing ad campaign.

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