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Amazon’s New Book Publishing Imprints

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I saw a Christian Science Monitor article about Amazon’s new book publishing imprints, and thought is summarized them well. One might be of considerably more interest to information marketers than the other:

“The online retailer-cum-publisher has launched two new imprints, a literary fiction imprint called ‘Little A’ and a digital-only imprint, ‘Day One.”

The possibility exists that you are in the information marketing business and write literary fiction on the side, but I doubt it. So, that means Little A is probably not of interest to most readers of my blog.

information marketing and amazon

Amazon’s New Book Publishing Imprints

Day One, on the other hand, could be VERY interesting because digital publishing is perfect for information marketing. Although I understand this imprint is primarily for short stories, and it is not designed for marketing purposes, the truth is that true stories are very often the source and core of a successful information marketing business.

The surge of non-fiction self-published and traditionally published books is undeniable. It is a tidal wave that can work to build a business, or to bury the unsuspecting author in piles of boxes of books that he or she has no idea how to market. This is a common problem for many authors, and so that’s why digital publishing is a great solution. No inventory issues!

Searching for more authoritative information on the Day One imprint on just now, I could not locate a welcome page, or any information at all.  I’m inviting my readers to help me out with this, so if you have any information please comment. Thanks!

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