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Another Look At Content Marketing

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Is there such a thing as a formula for effective content marketing? I like to think of it as creativity that follows a system, since systems are usually the key to predictable success.

Here’s a list of five content marketing steps posted by Pratik Dholakiya on Search Engine Journal this week. He starts by saying that asking questions is a great way to start your article or blog post:

“1. Ask interesting questions

2. Research your topic, your audience, and your network of influence

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Another Look At Content Marketing

3. Answer your questions with interesting lists, guides, and stories

4. Edit your content to make it pop

5. Promote your content on your industry’s most popular platforms and through your network of influencers

I think this list is very concise, and also very thorough. The trick, of course, is in asking the right questions so that the answers lead exactly where you want your readers to go. And the place where you lead them needs to be a place they WANT to go in the first place.

No list or guide or story is going to work for your information marketing purposes unless it actually addresses the needs and concerns of your target audience. They are too busy to waste time reading unless your content earns their attention and holds it successfully.

Your carefully researched and written content needs to reward your readers for their valuable attention, a commodity that is increasing difficult for us all to give and to get.

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