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Another Look At Crowdfunding Your Book

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I’m posting today because there is more than one way to think about the whole idea of crowdfunding. The first one is to raise money to write and produce it. But the second idea is this – all the contributors to your project will receive a copy of your book and they will tell other people about it. In a very real sense, they are investors. Maybe it’s time to take another look at crowdfunding your book.

Liz Castro’s own crowdfunding story isn’t over yet, but her recent report on Publishing Perspectives is certainly encouraging. Castro has written a book on Catalonia (a region within the country of Spain) which is small niche topic, for sure. So, she chose to use a regional crowdfunding site, not Kickstarter:

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Another Look At Crowdfunding Your Book

“Almost 600 people signed up and pledged about $15,000. I was astounded. And the mostly Catalan sponsors sent me hundreds of addresses and contacts all over the world, from New Zealand to Argentina, from California to New York City who might be interested in the book. The buzz about the crowdfunding campaign got the book into major newspapers in Barcelona and there was a standing-room crowd at the presentation in Barcelona.”

Naturally, one key to Castro’s success was her existing following on social media, ”… I am thoroughly indebted to and dependent on my connections on Twitter, Facebook, and through my blogs — for learning my trade, for political awareness, and also for support and encouragement.”

But the other key to her growing success was compiling a book of essays written by Catalan dignitaries who are also invested in the project with their knowledge, time and energy. I think she is really onto something here; it’s a regional information product that involves investors at every level.  A great idea.

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