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Are Links To Your Website On The First Page of Google?

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I’ll bet you that George Fischer is getting a lot of traffic to his post about dominating the first page of Google. Everybody wants that, don’t we? But it’s become quite a challenge now, and it takes deft and constant SEO work to stay on page #1. Are links to your website on the first page of Google now?

Here’s what Fischer has to say on the hot topic of top page ranking this week:

“For your brand domain, head over to Google Webmaster Tools and audit your current site links. While you can’t specify which organic site links will display, you can choose not to serve individual pages.

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Are Links To Your Website On The First Page of Google?

The most difficult part of owning your brand terms on the first page of Google is getting other domains outside of your official site to rank organically.

The following properties have the highest likelihood of showing up for brand terms: Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Make sure you have branded accounts and pages on all of these sites.

For the social properties, increased volumes of activity will increase your rankings. Linking from your main site to you social properties with followed links also greatly increases the visibility of these properties on the SERPs.”

Here’s my take on what Fisher advises – it’s not just your own website that matters now.  All the places your links appear have to be seriously considered. This is a good time to draw a mind map and get a good picture in your mind of the way your existing links work to help you achieve the highest page ranking. And also to show you where you need to build links to boost your page ranking.

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