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Everyday it seems there’s a new theory about what provides the best rankings on various search engines, primarily on Google because it has the largest volume of searches. Are search engines friendly to your information marketing business?  Will they be friendly tomorrow?

Most of us can barely understand these questions, let alone determine the answers. But Brad Miller’s article on SearchEngineWatch has some seriously thought-provoking ideas that information marketers need to take to heart in order to grasp some future trends in SEO. Miller writes,

google information marketing

Are Search Engines Friendly to Information Marketing Businesses?

“Search Marketing Integration (SMI) –  This is a term that we will start to hear a lot more in the world of search. As the search engines widen their gaze and perfect the techniques they use to measure content quality, brand sentiment and relevance, the optimization of a site for search will increasingly overlap with other marketing disciplines.

Over the next couple of years SMI will become a pre-requisite for a first-page listing on Google. SMI will revolutionize the entire organization’s approach to sales, marketing, PR, branding and everything in between.”

I had to read that quote over a few times to digest it. Miller is talking about the integration of social media with organic (regular) search results, and he is also talking about advertising. Yes, ads on our websites. Here’s some more Miller:

“Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – The relationship between organic search rankings and paid ads is one that’s been debated for years. Though no concrete evidence shows us exactly how paid ads impact a site’s organic listings, we have seen websites rank better organically while running SEM campaigns.”

Fasten your seatbelts once again, because none of us can know for certain what will make search engines friendly to our information marketing business in the future.

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