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Are You a Sales Winner?

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Turns out, there’s a measureable difference between the way that very successful salespeople operate in comparison to their peers. Are you a sales winner in your information marketing business?

Mike Schultz, Publisher of RainToday, says:

“Buyers report that sellers who win collaborate with them. They say the sellers are proactive, responsive, and easy to buy from. The business developers who win are also much more likely than the runners-up to be perceived as collaborators who educate them with new ideas, bring value to the table, and work with them as a team to achieve mutual goals.”

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Are You a Sales Winner?

Schultz’ firm conducted a survey and the results showed a great disparity between winning sales people and those who were not as successful. Perhaps you don’t feel completely comfortable with the notion that you are (and you MUST BE) a salesperson for your info products, but whenever you are expecting a client to pay you or a customer to buy something, that IS sales.

Schultz continues, “Sellers who connect, convince, and collaborate as outlined in the report will be best positioned to succeed satisfying buyers with the buying process itself, increase buyer willingness to buy again (a.k.a. buyer loyalty), and increase the client’s willingness to refer business to the firm.”

Creating an e-book or audio book gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors in positioning yourself for success. A book can literally form the connections and do the convincing for you, time and time again. Sales winners are very often those people who create and use their information products to gain an advantage over their competition.

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