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Are You Plagued By The Spam Capital Of The World?

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I am guessing that you have battled with spam comments on your blog posts just as I have had to deal with on my blog for many years. If not, the spambots eventually find your blog and you will start to get all kinds of aggravating comments about weird products for sale and unintelligible garbage with links posted in it.

Are you plagued by the spam capital of the world? If this post is making you nod your head in agreement, then you’ll be fascinated to learn that more spam originates in Belarus (it’s a country in Eastern Europe) than in the United States, formerly the spam capital of the world.  I was stunned to read that in April of this year there were 14 million junk emails delivered in one day, which was apparently a new record.

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Are You Plagued By The Spam Capital Of The World?

TechNewsDaily reported that, “…the amount of spam originating from Belarus is so large, it accounts for 99.9 percent of all email sent from the country, leaving room for only one legitimate message out of every 1,000.” Wow, that’s worse than an epidemic. It appears to be a lifestyle. Now remember, these are spam emails we are discussing.

As regards spam comments on your information marketing blog, here’s a suggestion from that makes sense for all of us, even though it is not too encouraging:

“There is no “one size fits all” method that will protect your comments; spammers use many tactics. Consider using multiple defenses. Remember spammers change the way they attack so you must keep your choices updated.”

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