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Are You Using No-Reply Email Addresses For Your Information Marketing?

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Do you have autoresponders set up that don’t allow the email recipient to hit “reply” and write back? Are you using no-reply email addresses for your information marketing? If so, you might want to consider some thoughts that Michael Linthorst shared on Ecoconsultancy lately. He and his commenters generally agreed that no-reply emails are a bad idea because they leave the wrong impression on recipients.

Linthorst writes, “Here are five reasons you should stop using no-reply addresses right now:

1. No-reply addresses lead to more spam complaints

2. You will be able to get out-of-office replies

info marketing no email reply

Are You Using No-Reply Email Addresses For Your Information Marketing?

3. People won’t add a no-reply address to their address book

4. You are legally obligated to

5. A no-reply address makes you look arrogant.”

I think Linthorst’s point #4 is particularly significant for information marketers who are building a list of subscribers all over the world. He follows up by saying, “In many countries sending emails with a no-reply address is not allowed. In some European countries for example you have to have a working address people can reply to if they have any kind of question about your email.

And for many countries where such laws exist, they apply to you regardless of the country you send your emails from.”

This is an excellent point that I didn’t know about, did you? Naturally, you can clean foreign email addresses out before sending to your list, but that may not be in your best interest in the long run, besides being a time-consuming activity. Your bulk email provider may handle this for you as a function of list-cleaning, too.

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