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Audio Books For Marketing Information

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I’ve been producing audio products for years, but now more opportunities to write, record and market audio books for marketing information than ever before.  In many ways, it’s easier than it used to be.

Dvorah Lansky’s recent article on The Future Of Ink provides some good suggestions for the use of web platforms for hosting webinars and recording them.  Although she doesn’t mention it, one way to use these platforms is to record yourself reading or speaking. You can read your e-book or printed book out loud, and then edit the recording if needed. Personally, I don’t do much editing because that way my audio info products sound more like a personal conversation.

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Audio Books For Marketing Information

Recording online meetings or webinars is the primary purpose of the platforms, such as and, both of which have options that are free, including the recording. Naturally, free services, or free options of paid services generally involve some ads on the screen, but they won’t interfere with your audio books at all.

Voice over professional (and my JV partner) Bill DeWees says that there is a lot of work available to voice over artists recording audio books now. Amazon and other book retailers are setting up separate audio book companies to accommodate the growing demand for them. That’s a very good sign that it’s time for our information products to become available in an audio format as well.

Some written presentations that rely on charts and graphs don’t lend themselves to an audio format, however, so you’ll want to keep that in mind as you consider your info products, especially your e-books and printed books, and how they might work as an audio product.

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