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Why Do Audio Programs?

Why do audio programs at all? What’s the point. There are a SIX very good reasons to do them.

Credibility in Your Field

If you produce audio products on a topic, it will help you to claim expertise in that particular topic or field. It may not be as good as writing a book on the topic, but it’s faster and easier to do. It will still gain you some modicum of perceived expertise in the area you choose.

Create Consulting Opportunities

This goes along with credibility, but deserves a separate mention. When you create audio programs, a certain percentage of your buyers and listeners will want more. A percentage of them will contact you asking for help. It happens with me and everyone I know who produce audio programs.

Avoid Delivering the Same Information Repeatedly

If you have an expertise in a given area and you’re always being asked to explain it, audios work perfectly here. Record the information once, show people how to do something and you’re done. You won’t have to repeatedly explain a process that you’ve recorded. Just refer them to the audio.

Difficult Topics That Require Review

Many topics don’t lend themselves to simple explanations. They are complex enough that someone who is learning the information for the first time may need to ponder and review. Audios allow someone to stop, pause and rewind your “brilliant” explanation about a given topic. This allows your listener to GET IT more easily.

Speaking Opportunities

As a result of recording an audio program, you’ll get invited to speak. This is certainly not the ONLY or the BEST way to get speaking gigs in your field, but it won’t hurt. Not only can you prove your expertise in your topic area, but you demonstrate your speaking skills on your audio program.

Additional Income Stream

You have two choices when it comes to your audio programs. You can either sell them or give them away. If you choose to sell them, you can make some additional income that you wouldn’t have had without them. In some cases, this revenue can be SIGNIFICANT.

There may be other less important reasons, but these are the six most important reasons why YOU should do an audio program.
Will Your Topic Work as an AUDIO?

Before producing an audio program, you have to ask yourself if audio is the “right” way to deliver your content. Some content lends itself to multiple means of delivery. Other content must be delivered using a specific medium.

For example, it would be impossible to produce an instructional program about golf using audio. Years ago, I remember a guy who taught something having to do with the “inner game” of golf and used audios, but for the most part, with golf, you have to SEE what is being discussed.

People learn using different modalities of learning. Some material that you want to teach people will naturally lend itself to multiple options. If audio makes sense, do one. If it does not, choose another format.

For many of my seminars I sell the audio, the video and the transcript of the event. Most of the time, it’s not imperative that people SEE something I’m teaching about. If it is necessary, and I want to use audio, I’ll also include a PDF set of notes where I can include visual images.

The key thing to ask is: Would a buyer of this program be delighted by getting this material in audio form. If the answer is yes, then do it. If not, choose another format.

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