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I just did a 30 minute consultation with a guy who was trying to get into speaking in a certain niche market. As we spoke, he brought up a number of names. Most of whom I heard of. He expressed his frustration with “gurus” out there who TEASE people with their sales and promotional copy and then don’t deliver on the goods when you buy the product itself.


The vast majority of the folks who practice this “bait and switch” info marketing mentality are followers of a couple of KEY gurus. To avoid any legal action, I’ll again refer to the one as Mr. Big.

If you follow Mr. Big you’ll quickly learn that he advises you to basically give an infomercial when pitching anything. Never give people any true content, just make them THINK that you have. After doing that, you ask them to buy a very expensive, high end product or service.


This may work with some people, but it defeats the purpose of your one TRUE task as an information marketer – BUILDING A BIG LIST.

Not only will you get people super pissed off at you for teasing them, but you’ll lose the opportunity to sell people some inexpensive products, build their trust, and THEN sell them the more expensive products and services.

I’ve been “preaching” this for years.

Create some very low priced products. Get people into your funnel. Convince them of your integrity and quality content. THEN and ONLY then will you have a strong chance of getting them to buy more from you.

The followers of Mr. Big are in for a BIG surprise in the near future. As Chris Anderson talks about in his book “FREE”, prices of digital products are trending/tending towards ZERO. That means that any and everyone will have to be creating some REALLY good content that costs nothing.

Given the philosophy of Mr. Big and his minions, they are in big trouble. Their entire business model is predicated on giving NOTHING at first and then trying to sell them a BIG/EXPENSIVE package later.

This simply will NOT work in the new world that Anderson correctly predicts in the book.

My suggestion? You should ZIG whenever everyone else is ZAGGING. Don’t get conned by Mr. Big or any of his peeps. Instead, stick to a system that works. One that revolves around giving people some good, high quality products. Start them cheap and build others that are expensive.

Follow THIS model and your chances for success are MUCH increased.

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