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Basic Parts Of Your Information Marketing Engine

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I think of my information marketing business as a well-oiled engine that fuels my life with opportunity and money. There are definitely basic parts of your information marketing engine that you need to set in place and keep well-oiled in order to get where you want to go building income online.

Obviously, you have to BE somebody and DO something. This may sound ridiculous, but I’ve grown weary of all the empty promises floating around the web that insist you don’t need a product or a website to succeed.

Yes, there are affiliate marketers who have made a lot of money online. I know some of them. In fact, I am one of them!

information marketing engine

The two most basic parts of your information marketing engine are YOU and WHAT YOU DO.

But affiliate marketing is not a solid, sustainable business on its own.  In order to consistently profit by affiliating yourself with the products and services of others, you absolutely need to create products of your own.

The two most basic parts of your information marketing engine are YOU and WHAT YOU DO.  Your info products come third. You have to establish yourself and your expertise so that you can market your products profitably. I spent many years building my credibility and encourage you to get started because it may take a while.

The next two basic parts are your domain name, which is your web address, and the additional tools you’ll use to build and promote it. Those two basic parts actually consist of many parts.  But the four parts I’ve mentioned here are the first things you need to get started marketing information.

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