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Writing and publishing your e-book and creating your digital audio information products is a good start. Those things can definitely help you become a thought leader to market information. But they are just a start, not the end goal. Boosting YOU and your income is the end goal.

Copywriter Barry Feldman posted a thoughtful article on thought leadership this week. It’s a fresh perspective on what it takes to become a real thought leader, starting with what NOT to think in the process of becoming one. Here are a few items on Feldman’s list, along with my own comments:

1) Twitter is the road to Thought Leadership City. [Duh. If leadership only requires 140 characters sent out to subscribers a few times a day, everybody and his teenager is a thought leader. ]

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Become A Thought Leader To Market Information

2) Authoring a book makes thought leadership automatic. [I have said this for years. It’s what you DO with your book that can make you a thought leader. Your book is only a tool you can use to build credibility and influence.]

3) Calling myself a thought leader makes me a thought leader. [This one defies gravity, doesn’t it? If someone is so full of hot air that he or she has to proclaim thought leadership status, that’s a sure sign of a fraud.]

4) Joining a thought leadership group makes me a thought leader. [Ditto #3 above. Thought leaders definitely find each other and may find themselves in a group, but they don’t sit around calling themselves thought leaders. No way.]

Again, your information marketing business will not necessarily make you a thought leader. But it can make you wealthy, and that ain’t bad.

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