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One of the BIG keys to success in information marketing is the PROLIFIC production of products. How’s that for alliteration? Musicians who crank out songs make a lot of money in publishing royalties. People who sell info products can also build up a consistent monthly stipend if they crank out info products on a regular basis.

Here’s my example.

I spent this last weekend with my buddy and JV partner, Bill O’Hanlon. Bill and I are partners in We were able to put together a plan that will populate that site with a BOATLOAD of products. Some of those we already have and many more that we will create.

This morning, I spent 3 hours on the phone with another JV Partner, Avish Parashar. Avish and I are partnered in We got onto Skype and recorded a full section of a product that we’re putting together.

Just before starting to write this post I was on the phone with Bill Dewees, yet another JV partner. Our venture is While Bill was “trapped” on the road going 10 miles an hour in a snowstorm driving back from Chicago to his home 60 miles away we did some heavy strategizing about products that will soon be up on the site.

If you want to make good money in this field, you have to be prolific. You have to CRANK OUT A LOT OF STUFF. It’s got to be good stuff, but if it’s good, then the more the better!

How do YOU become a PRODUCT MACHINE?

Understand that you should be creating products on a VERY regular basis. Should they be audios? Yes. Should they be videos? Yes. Should they be text? Yes. Should they be experiential events? Yes. Should you produce timely products? Yes. Should you produce timeless products? Yes.

Need to make them perfect? You’re in the wrong business. Done is better than perfect. Your clients NEED the information. Don’t withhold it from them. Give it to them in a form they can use it, but it does NOT have to be perfect.

Don’t think a product will sell? Then ask your list. When in doubt, produce it anyway. Make sure that you produce as much product as you can. If it doesn’t sell that well, don’t worry. One of the best ways to keep competition at bay is to create MASSIVE amounts of products.

Do this and others will be wary to compete with you.

Yes on quantity, but don’t forget quality. If the products you create aren’t very good, you HURT yourself more than help.

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