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Being YOURSELF in the Information Marketing Business

Information Marketing

Information marketing is changing. All the time. And, in different ways. I’ve been watching a lot of videos lately. Most of them launching some new product or service.

People utilzing videos are using dramatically different approaches. Some of them VERY hypey. Others more laid-back. And all of the different combinations in between.

There are a lot of people who will CLAIM that they can teach you how to do video. In my opinion, that’s the wrong way to look at things. Instead, I would advise you to figure out how to be YOU on camera to be effective.

I’m a pretty Type-A kinda guy. It would be very difficult for me to pull off the Mr. Laid-Back guy. Impossible and NOT credible. Trying to “behave” a certain way for the camera is instant death. People will smell the BS. They won’t believe you. And then of course, they WILL NOT BUY.

Rather than trying to copy someone you see, try and figure out how to be more authentic. Sounds easy, but it’s not. Why? Because all of us have been taught that we SHOULD look or appear a certain way.

The folks that crack me up are the ones who rent a Ferrari for the day and shoot the video sitting in front of it. In the “old days” I remember real estate gurus shooting their infomercials in front of a private jet. Almost ALL rented for the DAY!

For someone like me, I KNOW authenticity is critical. Every time I try and do something that’s NOT me, I get slapped. So whenever I write something, or create an audio or video, I make sure I’m not violating my SINGLE most important principle. TO BE MYSELF!

People know that I’m cheap. Not just a little. I’m REALLY cheap. For me to sit in front of a Maserati to shoot my video would be RIDICULOUS. It’s just not my style. No matter how much I make, that’s NOT WHO I AM. I will NEVER try to be someone else.

Neither should you.

So, before you watch YET ANOTHER video from some “expert” trying to sell you something, remember this post. Don’t try and imitate anyone. Instead spend your time trying to be MORE yourself.

Myself and my good buddy, Avish Parashar do a speaker training class based on improv comedy. A lot of improv boils down to BEING YOURSELF. QUICKLY. If you see a person on stage and resonate with their performance, it’s probably because they are BEING THEMSELVES. It works.

Spend your time working on that. Not on performing. The best performance is when you are being YOU. Do that and your sales will go way up as well.

People can smell INSINCERITY.

BTW, someone should talk to Charlie Sheen about this one. WINNING!! DUH!

Information Marketing

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