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If you sell info products, you need to know which seminars to attend and which to avoid. I used to be able to give you a list of people I would recommend. Not any more. There are virtually NO seminars I can send you to with FULL confidence.


I know this may sound self serving. And, there MAY be events that I would feel comfortable suggesting you attend. I just don’t know any at this point. Sad but true.

If I were to give you a list of things to look for, here they are:

1. Go to info product seminars and bootcamps given by people who are actually WORKING and MAKING MONEY in the field. Believe it or not, there are PLENTY of people who give seminars who aren’t actually in this business.

2. Visit seminars given by people who know how to teach. This narrows the field even more. There are some people who do seminars and events who DO work in the field but they do NOT know anything about teaching. As a result, it becomes a WASTE of your time to attend.

3. Don’t patronize seminar givers whose events are merely disguised infomercials. There are MANY of THOSE out there. I’d say that the VAST MAJORITY of seminars in this field are pure PITCHFESTS. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind people pitching, but I FIRST want them to deliver TRUE content. That’s NOT too much to ask, is it?

4. ONLY go to events where you leave with something DONE. The concept of just telling attendees HOW to do things and not giving them the tools to actually do it, make them virtually worthless. If all you do is TALK and don’t give people TOOLS you’re in trouble.

5. Understanding how to do your own seminars will help you critique other people’s events that you attend. In advance.

6. Ask to speak with other people who have attended the event you are considering attending. If it’s the first time being done, take a pass. NEVER go to an event that is being done for the first time. It’s like anything being launched for the first time, they need to work out the kinks.

7. Google the various presenters and see if they have the background and integrity levels that you need to feel comfortable listening.

8. Don’t go to any event that won’t let you speak with the organizer in advance. This is particularly true of HIGHER priced events. Those that cost over $500 to attend.

There you have it. I hope that helps and I welcome your feedback and comments!

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