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Beware This Flaw on LinkedIn for Your Marketing

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Looks like Carolyn Goodman struck a nerve with her recent Target Marketing post called, “the LinkedIn Endorsement Smackdown.” Oh boy, you need to see it and also see the many comments because they are just as interesting as the post. People are on this topic like…. Well, you know.

What it comes down to is this – we are all tired of the increasingly irritating and invasive tools that LinkedIn is using to get into our email databases and also to get us to recommend other people that we probably don’t even know. It’s crazy!

info marketing linkedin

Beware This Flaw on LinkedIn for Your Marketing

Goodman reveals that she was a self-appointed “brand evangelist” for LinkedIn until recently, and now she asks, “Connected to somebody on LinkedIn? That must mean you know them and are fully aware of their skills, so you have the experience to give them a nod on a skill they’ve identified in their profile when presented with that question.

The problem is that all sorts of people have now endorsed me—some are people I barely know, and, to be honest, many have endorsed me for skills they couldn’t possibly know whether I have or not.”

There you go, it’s no longer safe to assume that endorsements or introductions on LinkedIn are genuine. And furthermore, it’s a big bother to continually get requests for recommendations from people that are complete strangers. How could I possibly recommend someone I don’t even know?

Commenter Ned Treanor says, “LinkedIn has become a maze of confusing, self-indulgent time-wasters, driving away the very people they are alleging to attract!”

This sort of thing is not good for genuine information marketing connections at all.

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