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Blogger Cindy Brown and your own info products blog might not seem to have much in common at this exact moment. Maybe you haven’t started your own blog yet. If not, I implore you to check out Cindy’s blog, Everyday Underwear. You will see a real person with a simple blog that you can duplicate.

You can definitely do what Cindy is doing, and you can start right now. Marketing information is essentially a matter of creating excitement and drawing attention to what you do. Cindy is a humorist, so her blog is funny.

information marketing strategy

Marketing information is essentially a matter of creating excitement and drawing attention to what you do

If you are an insurance agent and just beginning to explore the idea of creating information products to promote your agency online I’m guessing your blog won’t be funny. That probably wouldn’t be the best tone for what you want to achieve. But you can still imitate what Cindy is doing with her humor blog.

Let’s brainstorm an insurance agency blog for a moment. Since you have clients or you are working for an agency that has clients, you have access to a history of claims paid out on behalf of those clients.

Without breaching any confidentiality or revealing private information, you can tell stories of real people who filed claims on their insurance policies and got paid. You could call the people PH for policyholder, and you could call the insurers IC for insurance company.  You get the idea.

You could easily write one blog post per day about satisfied PHs whose insurance policies worked well for them.  Nobody gets too excited about paying insurance premiums, but we can surely relate to somebody getting paid by their insurance company when they have a loss and file a claim.

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