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Bob Bly Comments on Welcome Emails

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Bob Bly comments on welcome emails in his monthly ezine this month. His list includes:

“Thanking the subscriber for the trust they’re giving you.

Offering an incentive to make a purchase.

Setting expectations for the value and frequency of your

information marketer bob bly

Bob Bly Comments on Welcome Emails

Of these three, I think the thank you factor is #1.  A genuine thank you is always a welcome response to anything we do, online or offline. The key, however, to be sincerely and personally genuine, and that cannot be overemphasized. A standard Thank You page posted by the bulk email system or a webmaster just doesn’t cut it anymore because most people have already seen ‘way too many of those.

I’m saying that a custom message from YOU that welcomes each contact into your digital world needs to sound like a personal note of thanks in order to appear genuine. It has to BE genuine in tone and appearance.

You don’t have to write a personal email welcoming each subscriber, but it should LOOK and SOUND like a personal email. This is possible, and it should be your goal when you write the content and post it in your autoresponder.

And Bly’s third item regarding establishing expectations for how much and how often to expect emails is also a great idea. Letting your new friends know when to expect you to show up in their inboxes sets the tone for a new relationship. They can unsubscribe if they desire. You only want to keep the ones who are interested in what you have to say anyway.

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