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Books and the Information Marketing Funnel

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I just came back from New York City. On Monday I did my yearly Publishing Seminar that I do every year before the Book Expo. In addition to myself, I had 3 other speakers. Bob Bly, Ron Pramshufer and Burke Allen. What a great event. Anyone who claims to be an information marketer MUST have a book. Why? Keep reading.

The book is the beginning, but by NO means, the END of your process. If you sell info products you need to have a book. Not just an ebook, but a real, physical book. Why?

Because in the field of information marketing, the funnel system rules. The funnel system dictates that anyone who markets and sells info products needs to come up with a variety of products using different modalities of learning and at a variety of price points.

To start the funnel system you need valuable information that you give away for free. That free material can be audio material, video material and PDF reports or “white papers.”

Your book serves as one of the best LOWER priced products in your funnel system. Books normally sell for between $10 and $30. This is a PERFECT price point to introduce your materials to your potential customers. The price is low enough that people won’t spend a lot of time THINKING about whether or not to buy.

Another big benefit to having a book as part of your funnel system is that the media love books. NONE of your other products will get you the coverage in the press. Audios and videos are valuable parts of your line of info products. They will make you a lot more than your books, BUT, the books are essential to your long term success as an information marketer.

If you’re interested in what we covered at this event, take a look at the site: This is the site where you can buy the audio and video of this event.

There is a strong possibility that we will be taking this show on the road. The intention is that we’ll end up doing this program 3 or 4 times a year. Including the ONE event that we’ll always do right before the Book Expo.

If you want to learn more about how to do your own book, I recommend that you check out Ron’s site: He has a GREAT free book that you can download on his site. It would be great to pair that book with my book: Publishing for Maximum Profit. You can get a free copy of that one by going to

If you haven’t yet written a book, you MUST as an information marketer. It is a huge KEY to your success in this business. Also, don’t waste the opportunity to get press coverage as a result. I suggest you check out Burke Allen, one of the other speakers that was at the event. He can be found at:

Bob Bly’s information can be found at Bob and I have worked together for a while on helping folks in the information marketing field. Bob is a world famous copywriter. Anything that Bob creates is great.

If you don’t have a book, GET STARTED NOW!!!

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