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It would be wonderful if all you had to do was to write well and write often. But more is required in order to boost traffic to your information marketing blog. The main thing you have to do is to go where your target market is going. Be there in forums and on blogs. Comment and reply to comments with links to your sites, if allowed.

Jennifer Ledbetter (aka PotPieGirl) posted some ideas on Marketing Land. Here is her list of five ways to get free traffic. These are ideas she actually used to build her own affiliate income:

info marketing business boost

Boost Traffic To Your Information Marketing Blog

“1. Visit Other Sites In Your Niche & Offer A Guest Post

2. Share Your Content On Social Sites

3. Hang Out & Participate Where Your Target Market Hangs Out

4. Take Advantage Of Free-To-Use Sites

5. Leverage Market Leaders

Building up traffic to a new website or blog takes time. Regardless of what others say, there is no one thing that will miraculously send tons of traffic overnight. It’s a process that requires great content on your site and as well as active efforts off your site to get your content discovered and shared.”

Yes, this is time-intensive. If you are already mining various sites for ideas to build your information products, then it will not really be a big increase in time. But if you are just getting started hanging out on certain blogs and in chat rooms and forums you are going to feel as though you have just taken on another job. But it IS necessary to build a following to your blog.

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