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Branding and SEO for Information Marketers

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Let’s put it this way, branding and SEO for information marketers should be a conscious pairing (think dinner entrée + the right wine) and not an unconscious afterthought.  Search engine optimization is part of your branding or you’re wasting your time building a brand for your information products.

Marios Alexandrou’s recent post on ClickZ is written for agencies, but it is also a great read for those of us doing our own writing. He addresses the problems of an agency providing SEO services to a company with many decision-makers. That means it’s actually easier for us because we only have our own opinions to deal with!

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Branding and SEO for Information Marketers

Alexandrou gives examples of various methods to “get inside the heads” of the clients in order to determine the best presentations on SEO topics. I’m suggesting that these techniques also work when we are determining our own key words and key phrases for marketing information online. Sometimes we get so distracted by creating our products that the marketing becomes an afterthought.  Not a good plan.

SEO used to appear on web pages only, but those days are over. Now it has to be considered and targeted with a wider lens, “…the scope of SEO has increased to include some aspects of social media, content development, and content distribution.”

I am constantly working on these issues with my JV partners now because SEO is critical to the successful page ranking of their YouTube videos, their blogs and their landing pages, not just their websites. SEO is an intrinsic part of branding now.

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