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Build Your Information Marketing Business on Other People

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Yes, I am talking about using other people shamelessly. But it’s not a bad thing. Everybody benefits when you build your information marketing business on other people whose work supports yours, and vice versa. It’s truly a win-win opportunity.

That’s what my Joint Venture partners and I are doing in order to build our own businesses, and to promote each other as well. Every Wednesday we get online for a webinar that’s also open to the public. We talk about what’s working and not working in our own information marketing businesses, and we make plans for the future.  Our meetings are held weekly, in real time on the web, and they are recorded for those who were too busy to attend.

information marketing joint ventures

Information Marketing Joint Ventures

Basically, you are watching my screen as we discuss actual websites and products for sale online. These webinars are also posted on my YouTube channel.

I have interviewed other people for years, and the results for some of them and for me are quite astonishing. Recording interviews and webinars and teleseminars hosted for the benefit of your customers and clients is undeniable proof of what you do. It’s the ultimate form of testimonial, if you ask me.

Professionals whose patients and clients prefer anonymity as regards their medical, dental, legal, cosmetic and other personal services will not be able to use these same techniques as easily.

But business professionals can definitely use them. Especially if you sell your professional services online, if you have written a book or sell any type of instructional course then you are in the information marketing business online, and you can promote yourself and others by paying attention to what I do.

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  1. Marylou Croke on February 7th, 2013 3:29 am

    It’s truly a win-win opportunity when everybody benefits by building your information on marketing business on other people whose work supports yours, and vice versa.

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