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If you market info products, you will quickly realize the scenario I’m about to describe.

You open your email and find YET ANOTHER “product launch” offer. Not surprising it’s the same CABAL of individuals who are promoting some NEW fangled product or service. Are you SICK and TIRED of this crap? I know I sure am.

This incestuous group of folks who sell info products do a “round robin”. They go from person to person deciding on who will get to promote this week’s NEW FLAVOR of the WEEK.

The release will inevitably be preceded by a series of emails and/or videos. The same group of folks will be cross promoting to each other’s lists. If you’re like me, these promotions will all start to look the same. Blending into one another like a promotional LAVA LAMP.

There will be claims that YOU TOO can make a million dollars . . . virtually overnight. And, as time goes on, the claims get more and more outrageous. In almost every case, straining credulity.

(If you want to see my VISION of how most of this looks, check out:

I used to spend time with many of the people in the CABAL that I described above. Over time, I started spending LESS and LESS time with this group. It felt hypey and non authentic. Income claims were always being exaggerated. Some testimonials were even being made up. It just didn’t feel RIGHT to me.

So I withdrew. I didn’t speak at many seminars. Frankly, I wasn’t asked. Why? Because I wasn’t willing to throw in with their lot. They knew I would call BS on some of the tactics they were using.

Recently I’ve started to work with some NEW people in the information marketing field. People I had never met previously. People who seem authentic and real. Non-hypey.

Do YOU want to create powerful, long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships in your field? If so, keep reading.

After deciding to get RE-involved with others in the info marketing field, I’ve done some things differently than before.

Here are some of the things I’m NOW doing:


Don’t expect things to happen overnight. Partners, like a fine wine, take time to develop. Good wines take time to “mature.” Unless of course it’s a beaujolais nouveau (and NO, I’m not a big wine drinker).

People tend to show who they REALLY are over time. You may not be able to see certain traits and characteristics early on. You CAN sometimes see those traits later. IN TIME.

Don’t PUSH

Again, this is very analogous to personal relationships. If you approach someone and you have to PUSH them to get involved, you’re in trouble. A business relationship, like a personal one will only be successful IF both parties have a SIMILAR LEVEL of interest in each other.

Don’t try and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Let it happen. When you have to try and twist someone’s arm to do something, it’s just not a good match. How do you know? If YOU are always the one calling them, it’s probably not right. If THEY take a week to respond to your emails, they are just not that INTO YOU!

Check People Out Carefully

Before you get involved, even in a casual way, do your due diligence. I’m always amazed at how some info marketers will agree to sell a product SIGHT UNSEEN. In addition to a great product, I have to know I’m working with equally great PEOPLE.

Very seldom do you find this out super FAST. But, in some cases, I’ve instantly clicked with people, but not often. And in the past, when I have, it often turned out to be a BAD match.

Ask other people about the person you are thinking of working with. Google them. Check them out. Don’t believe everything you see or hear, but take it into account when making decisions. If you DON’T see some bad comments about a person, be suspicious. Good people often generate LOUD detractors.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Remember this line? After some teenage break up I remember my DAD using this line to help me get over a broken heart. The same thing is true with potential partners. There are PLENTY of people out there you can partner with. Don’t worry if one person doesn’t work out.

The BENEFITS of Having (GREAT) Partners

1. Exposure to a lot more people through THEIR lists.
2. Great personal relationships between YOU and THEM.
3. You’ll make more money as a result of an expanding pie.
4. Brainstorming ideas you may have never thought about.
5. Camarderie that can’t be found by working alone. Like #2 but not exactly.

There you have it. Any further comments or ideas??

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