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Building Websites For Your Information Products

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Building website for your information products has become SO MUCH EASIER now that a variety of blog platforms are available. WordPress is essentially a blog platform, and it seems to have the greatest following because it’s easy and very flexible.  I’m not into creating my own websites, but some of my clients and customers choose to do it.

Scott Fasser at Optify has a classic article on the topic of “pillar pages,” and if you are building your own website to market information, you need to know what this term means. You need to know it and you need to do it, that’s for sure.

wordpress for info marketing sites

Building Websites For Your Information Products

The simple explanation is that a pillar page has one primary keyword and that’s it. It needs to contain content in the form of written words, photos, graphics, audios and videos that contain and support that keyword or key phrase for marketing information.

If you’re using a blog platform and wondering if your page should continuously scroll, check out Kristine Schachinger’s first point in her SEO article last week. She advises strongly against it. “Before you start laying out your page into long-form scrolling bottomless wells, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you have a story to tell?
  2. Does the scroll make you want to keep going or do you feel tired?
  3. Does your information naturally lend itself to a listed format?
  4. Is there a reason your users might be better served by pagination?
  5. Are you proposing using it where it shouldn’t be used (e.g., your homepage)?

Taking a cue from both these experts, stick closely to one topic per page, and make sure that page doesn’t scroll forever. All  good things must end, and that includes each pillar page on your website.

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