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Can Pinterest Actually Get Traffic To Your Blog?

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HubSpot recently announced that people using Pinterest buy more products than people on Facebook. That’s pretty interesting and it makes me wonder how I can use the photo site to my advantage. Can Pinterest actually get traffic to your blog and your info products?

Karen Lee’s post on describes in detail how she gets hundreds of thousands of “pins” to a blog post with how-to information. She is an information marketer, that’s my point. However, she is using photos to her advantage marketing information. Oh, by the way, “pinning” means sharing a photo with other people by posting it on your own Pinterest page.

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Can Pinterest Actually Get Traffic To Your Blog?

Do you have info products or testimonials that lend themselves to photography? Think hard about this question before you reject the whole idea. Taking photos may not be your favorite past-time, but lots of people LOVE taking photos. You can easily delegate this task to experiment with Pinterest .

Honestly, you can use screenshots of your blog and your webpages, too. That doesn’t require special photography skills, but it gets you out there so you can see what happens. Even Facebook has taken a cue from Pinterest in the development of its new look that highlights photos. People simply LOVE photos, and now they can see them anywhere, anytime on their smart phones and tablets.

Lee shares the following advice in her post:

1) Be active on Pinterest every day.

2) Don’t just pin your own stuff.

3) Install a Pinterest button with a counter

4) Engage your pinners and interact

5) Teach people something

It’s not for everybody in the information marketing business, that’s for sure. But it might work for you.

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