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Changes To Email Inboxes For Information Marketers

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Besides the interesting organizational features offered directly by email providers and by third parties, which allow email recipients to categorize (and eliminate) emails from specific senders, there are other changes to email inboxes for information marketers to understand.

Simms Jenkins said it this way on ClickZ this week, “Email isn’t just email anymore. It’s marketing automation, it’s social media, it’s mobile, it’s an ad network, it’s a robust integrated digital marketing weapon, and most of all it’s the invitation to your customers’ and prospects’ inbox. That’s what makes permission email so powerful and unique.” Jenkins has been involved in email marketing campaigns for over ten years, so he is truly a professional, and has a wide view of what email can do, and how it’s changing.

info marketing email changes

Changes To Email Inboxes For Information Marketers

Social media seems to have eclipsed email in some ways. I heard a couple women talking recently, and one said, “If I didn’t look at Facebook every day I wouldn’t know what my kids are doing. I wouldn’t know what my friends are doing either.” I thought that was pretty amazing. Whatever happened to cell phones and texting? I guess her kids and her friends don’t have time for those now? They have to “group-post” and hope the message works for everyone? According to the same woman I’m quoting, what her kids’ post frequently fails that test. She said, “Sometimes I have to tell them to un-post immediately.”

I wonder how she tells them to un-post?

Hopefully, that conversation I overheard makes my point here, and Simms point as well. Email can be sent to selected groups, targeted groups, or to individuals. It can be crafted to speak personally to the interests and even the needs of the recipients. If any deleting goes on, it will be at each recipients’ personal discretion.

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