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Choosing Information Marketing Success By Choosing Yourself

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It might sound a bit odd, but you are the one who determines whether or not you’ll be successful in your business. You’ll be choosing information marketing success by choosing yourself. You are going to nominate YOU and vote for YOU. It’s that simple.

I realize that success in any business takes a lot more than nominating and voting for your own success, but that is always where it starts. That’s my metaphor to get across the idea that you have a choice to make, and you are not waiting for somebody else to make that choice for you.

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Choosing Information Marketing Success By Choosing Yourself

Some information marketers call it, “waiting to be picked.” That’s what Gary Korisko calls it in a blog post this week. He says, “Being picked isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s a wonderful thing! Waiting around for it to happen is the bad thing.”

OK, where did this whole idea begin? With Seth Godin. He blogged on the topic and other bloggers and media have run with it, too. I get a mental  picture of a wallflower at the school dance, shuffling along the sidelines, waiting, just waiting. Compare that to the kid who just goes out on the floor and starts dancing alone if necessary. That’s how I’d describe the concept of “waiting to be picked.”

How would you describe yourself?  Are you out there moving around and enjoying the music, or are you on the sidelines waiting?  Starting a blog and writing several times a week is how I got out and danced many years ago. And it’s one way you can get started now.  You can express your opinions and share your expertise. Nobody is stopping you.

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