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Confidence in Information Marketing

Information Marketing

By “confidence in information marketing,” I am referring to both you and your clients and customers. Yes, everyone has to exhibit some confidence in order to make a sale, especially our business clients.

Jeff Molander blogs about it on TargetMarketing this week, and he says, “The key to effective B-to-B selling has always been helping customers believe, not in the product, but in themselves—so much that they pull the trigger and buy.”

Wow, that’s a great insight, isn’t it?

Information Marketer

Confidence in Information Marketing

Molander also goes on to share the following – “Social marketing offers powerful tools to:

1)     create irresistible curiosity in your product or service;

2)     help customers get confident—help them feel like they CAN get what they want, on time, without any heads rolling and even with a sense of joy and accomplishment.

3)     Even more exciting, once customers believe in themselves, they trust the source of that confidence. That source can and should be you.”

That last sentence makes me jump up and down with excitement because it’s so true. As information marketers we have a tremendous opportunity to invest our own confidence in the budding confidence of our audiences and buyers. They should walk away from our live appearances, our webinars and our info products having more confidence than when they arrived.

And Molander concludes: “Realize and take action on how social media enables that critical transference of confidence that helps your target:

1)     understand your product or service with total clarity;

2)     develop meaningful appreciation for your thing through what you prove to them BEFORE they buy it;

trust you—that your product will do what you claim if they buy.”

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