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Content Creation For Information Marketing Audiences

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“Content is king. Now, let me throw in a qualifier; authentic content is king.” That’s a quote from Manuel Donayre in a post on ClickZ. I love it!  Google has become very adept at determining the value of particular content to a specific user, so that’s one big reason I always recommend reaching for the best quality writing you can possibly achieve. Content creation for information marketing audiences is of the highest importance.

Donayre goes on to explain more about how different markets consume content:

information marketing writing faster

Content Creation For Information Marketing Audiences

“…different audiences consume content in different ways. Women are more social than men. Men want to know how a brand helps them beat the system. While women want information on how a brand will make their lives easier and benefit the well-being of their family, men want to know about features.

Women want to be part of a community discussion that’s led by people they trust. And beyond men and women, kids, teens, jocks, gamers, fashionistas, moms, dads – they all come to be informed or entertained in different ways.”

Now it should start to become clear why authentic content is not just one thing, not at all. What sounds authentic to a particular audience does NOT sound authentic to others. That ‘s the trick. I mean it’s a trick to phrase your content in various ways for your different target markets.

I’m not suggesting that try to trick people. No, I’m saying that you have to learn the tricks of the copywriting trade in order to use them to advance in your information marketing business.

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