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If you are creating content for your information products and for your info product marketing purposes, you have probably come face-to-face with the difference between writing and editing. The two are NOT the same process at all. You might think of editing as a content creation reality check.

Stefanie Flaxman posted thirty editing tips on Copyblogger lately, and they make for excellent reading.  Here are a few of her suggestions:

“Commit to making your site a masterpiece before you even think about your next post topic…

Laws of Landing Pages For Info Product Conversions

Content Creation Reality Check

Since your story continually unfolds, encourage visitors to stay in the loop and get your fresh content as soon as it’s published…

When someone arrives on your site, what do you want him to do next? Subscribe? Hire you? Collaborate? Explicitly state your website’s purpose as if it were a physical storefront…

Can you provide additional information in new posts that enhances content you’ve already published?”

Flaxman is right on target here. She is saying something between the lines of course, and that is – you have to care if you want your readers to care. That’s a fact.  Content creation is NOT manipulating people at all. Nobody has time anymore. People sniff out insincerity and click away faster than Dorothy’s fancy red shoes on the Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz.

I’d put it this way, without hesitation:  If you’re not in the mood to write with generous sincerity, don’t write at all. Just wait until the time is right. Yes, I know you may not feel as though you have that luxury, but writing to produce your information products and writing to promote them requires a distinct sense of purpose and transparent sincerity.

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