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Creating Content for Your Info Product Websites

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If you write in a stuffy, stilted or salesy manner, people won’t stick around. Nobody likes to read that kind of content, and it’s the reason you have to focus on creating content for your info product websites that reads like you really talk. You want people to feel as though they are having a conversation with you, and not listening to you lecture them or give them a sales pitch.

Sharon Tanton posted this neat list of six points to keep in mind when writing web copy:

“1.  Be clear. Say it out loud before you write it down.

2.  Use short sentences. They’re easier to understand.

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Creating Content for Your Info Product Websites

3.  Keep technical language to a minimum. Of course some pages demand it – especially if your offer is a technical one. But your Home page and About Us copy should certainly be straightforward.

4.  Be accurate. A conversational tone doesn’t mean you can forget your grammar. Good grammar makes your writing make sense.

5.  Get to the point. There’s no room for rambling digressions in web copy. Users want information fast, so cut anything superfluous and give important stuff room to breathe.

6. Be yourself. Connect with your reader.”

Tanton also speculates about the common problem of writing in a stilted manner, as though you are giving a lecture, not just having a conversation with one person, “Sometimes I think it’s a confidence thing.  People don’t feel they’ll be taken seriously if they talk in everyday language.”

I agree with that supposition. Since I’ve been a speaker and worked with many other speakers for a long time, I can tell you that the same thing happens to speakers, too. They usually start their speaking career using much bigger words than they do when they wind up their successful career.

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