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Creating Info Marketing for Tablets and Smart Phones

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It’s mind-bending to think that we are all trying to figure out how squeeze our marketing messages into smart phone screens and even tablet screens now.  Laptops and desktops have become the dinosaurs of the digital device kingdom because nearly everybody has a small-screen device with them at all times. So, the time has come to focus on creating info marketing for tablets and smart phones.

AT&T published the results of a recent study of 1000 small businesses, and here are some of the statistics included:

“More than two-thirds (69%) of small businesses surveyed indicate that they use tablet computers.

info marketing mobile smart phones

Creating Info Marketing for Tablets and Smart Phones

Results indicate that the larger the business, the more likely they are to use tablets, with 90% of those with 51 to 99 employees using them, compared to 69% of those with 50 or fewer employees.

Additionally, newer businesses are more likely to use tablets, with 80% that are less than 2 years old using them, compared to 69% of those two years and older.

85% of small businesses reported using smart phones for their operations, more than double the usage five years ago (42%).”

Although it’s possible that your information marketing customer will get settled comfortably in front of his desktop computer to watch your video programs, and this is often the case with baby boomers, others will be accessing it on tablets and smart phones. They need to be able to see it and hear it. An info product must be designed with the small screens in mind in order to be “optimized” for successful use.

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