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Creating The Best YOU To Market Information

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I am all for honest, genuine communication and representation online. But I am also all for creating the best YOU to market information successfully. Transparency has become a popular word and a very pervasive behavior now, and I am not against it. But I am saying that sharing the best about yourself has always been, and remains the best plan.

In reality, people have no interest in discouraging, depressing news, because there is more than enough of that in the world, and it affects all our lives in various ways. So, sticking with the high road when you choose what to share and what to leave out of your information marketing is definitely a mark of maturity and success.

information marketing good practices

Creating The Best YOU To Market Information

When you share the learning experiences that contributed to your success, do so with dignity and grace. I’m noticing a distinct trend toward TMI – too much information – and it almost seems fashionable now. Are you seeing the same thing?

Srinvas Rao of BlogcastFM emailed his list this week, and included the following advice:

“Everybody has a microphone. Don’t use it to create sheep, clones, and copies of yourself. Use it to help people discover their unique gifts. The louder your microphone (i.e. the bigger your audience), the greater your responsibility is for this. And remember that there is no competition for the no [BS] version of who you are. There are no right answers to these questions, just interesting ones.”

Creating the best you is also the genuine you. I would like to clarify that point for my readers today. The genuine you does NOT have to reveal gory details that simply do not contribute to the substance, continuity and believability of your information marketing business.

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