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Customer Loyalty In Your Information Marketing Business

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Have you considered the issue of customer loyalty in your information marketing business?

Seamus Egan of Campaigner posted this week on the topic of customer loyalty. He used as his example because it welcomes customer comments on every pair of shoes sold on the site.

Egan says, “There are loyal customers and then there are brand advocates. Your brand advocates fervently support you. They’re social champions and product evangelists who spread the word about your business. They forward your email messages to friends and family, recommending you as a solution or as having the next cool ‘must have’ item. It’s in your best interest to return their affection by loving them more. Recognize these raving fans and encourage them to keep promoting your product or service.”

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Customer Loyalty In Your Information Marketing Business

Sounds like good advice. Every info marketer has to look for appropriate ways to acknowledge customer loyalty, especially now that bonus gifts are wearing thin. People want to be acknowledged with something they actually like enough to use, not something that is blatantly promotional.

If all that thinking and following up with items or services of value seems like too much trouble, absorb Egan’s statistics here: “A survey by ClickFox, a company that conducts industry research on customer experience trends, shows that 78 percent of consumers who love brands spread the word, 68 percent buy more and 54 percent refuse to buy other products. Despite this information, 62 percent of the survey respondents said they don’t believe that companies are doing enough to reward loyalty.”

If 78% of my clients love what I do for them, they will spread the word. That’s how I have to think about it. I have to focus on providing my clients with info products and services they love, and 78% of them will be my most enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

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