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David Bowie Is A Brilliant Information Marketer

Information Marketing

David Bowie has a new hit album that is not even released yet. You are probably not quite as well-known as David Bowie, but what he is doing may interest you because you can see the possibilities as an information marketer.  Truthfully, it’s astonishing.

Bowie and his team have managed to get his first new album in a decade to the #1 spot in 17 different countries in Europe already. The Next Day is only available in iTunes Stores for download. The physical album is not scheduled for release until March 12, 2013. You cannot buy it for two more months yet.

David Bowie on information marketing

If you are wondering what you and David Bowie have in common, it’s the use of digital media. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is information marketing on steroids. Bowie’s first new album in 10 years is news, it is powerful information, and making it available for download is his digital product.  Achieving #1 in iTunes Stores in 17 countries and making the Top Ten list in the remaining 5 countries (including the US) means that he is on every single Top Ten iTunes list that Apple publicly releases, which is a total of 22 countries.

If you are wondering what you and David Bowie have in common, it’s the use of digital media. You can pre-release your book in the form of an e-book excerpt. You can pre-release your weekend seminar in the form of a podcast or a video. You can post your audio recordings on iTunes for immediate download, and you can price them or give them away free.

Your information marketing brilliance is as close as the info products you create today, and it’s available, dare I say it – The Next Day. Sorry, couldn’t help it…

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