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Did The Internet Kill Television?

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If you are building an internet marketing business today, I’m guessing that you are not thinking too much about TV advertising. Am I right? Did the internet kill television or what?

Mike Proulx says “no way,” and he’s scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at a big conference in New York this month to make his point. Proulx is the co-author of Social TV and Director of Social Media at a well-known Boston advertising agency. He’s in a good position to comment on the phenomenon, meaning the way the internet and television are morphing into each other.

did internet kill tv

Did The Internet Kill Television?

Proulx says, “There are those who believe that television is a traditional medium with an impending death. The web, social media, and mobile have evolved TV into a multi-screen experience that transcends devices. Not only are we watching more television than ever before, we’re interacting with programming on the “second screen” in ways that enrich storylines and bring us together to virtually co-view. The modern era of television is a new media that’s more social, more connected, and more portable…and because of this TV is more alive than it’s ever been.”

Have you ever thought of yourself as a TV star? Every time you fire up the webcam to make your information marketing videos you need to remember that some folks are watching you on their giant flat screen TVs. That gives you pause to think, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, it gives us all more and newer opportunities to promote our brands and our products. More than ever before.

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