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Different Social Media For Different Info Products

Information Marketing regularly provides a lot of inspiration for small businesses, including a recent blog post perspective on use of social media, including Pinterest, which now appears to be the hottest place to see and be seen online. My perspective is that we need to consider different social media for different info products.

You might be selling things that are easy to photograph and post for all to see. Or, as is the case with most of my clients, you might be selling intangibles.

OK, a physical book is tangible, that’s true. You can post photos of your book on Pinterest in hopes that people will like it enough to “re-pin” it, which means share your photo with their friends. But, since e-books and audios and videos are generally sold as downloads now, not physical CDs or DVDs, taking and sharing a photo may not have the same allure.

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Different Social Media For Different Info Products

Selling downloadable products means you get your money immediately without the costs of maintaining and shipping inventory, and your customers get immediate gratification. Everybody wins. And that’s why digital products have become so popular.

My point here is that the people who buy my e-books and audio programs are probably not hanging out on Pinterest, looking for book or CD covers of information products. That particular social media phenomenon is idea for fashion and home décor, but not for me. Blogging is more suited to what I do, and it works for me.

Think about where your current and potential clients are likely to be as you determine where to spend your time on social media now.

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