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Digital Disruption Affects Information Marketing

Information Marketing

The other day I heard a guy complaining about a recent visit to his doctor. “She was on her tablet the whole time, and she didn’t even look at me while we were talking.” He was so offended that he called the CEO of the medical firm and complained.  Digital disruption affects information marketing as surely as it disrupts clinics, offices, classes, meetings and family meals.

ClickZ says it this way in a recent email, “An influx of new technologies has forever altered marketing. But in the process of changing our business, we’ve forgotten about the very thing that makes our business possible – the customer. How did this happen? And more importantly, how do we fix the problem?”

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Information Marketing and Customer Service

The doctor in my opening story made her patient feel irrelevant by ignoring him, basically. Her divided attention was offensive and, as a result she and her clinic lost a customer. Apparently it’s time we all looked at our presentations, in person and online in order to determine whether we are inadvertently making our people feel irrelevant.

Self-serving anecdotes in our information marketing can have that effect. There’s a difference between a story that inspires the reader or listener, and one that is just filling up space and time.  I’d say that the most important thing about digital disruption, the thing information marketers need to consider during product creation and fulfillment is to see that nothing wastes the customer’s time. Nothing.

Flawlessly easy downloads of digital products, responsive online customer service and perseverant follow-up marketing must be designed and implemented with ultimate respect.  We want to be noticed, but we don’t want to be disruptive.  It can be a fine line between the two, and not the same for every customer.

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